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What Are the Benefits of Learning in an English-Only Environment?

Learning a new language can feel like an uphill battle, but the educational environment we choose can make it a lot easier. This article explores the popular "English-Only" environment and its benefits.

What is an English-only environment?

Also known as immersive learning, it's all about integrating English into your lifestyle and activities. Passive activities, like reading and listening, will help you understand the language but leave you struggling to speak it. That's why regularly attending classes where you actively practice speaking and writing in English with a professional is important.

For the best results, we recommend attending two or three 50-minute sessions a week.

6 Benefits of Learning in an English-Only Environment

1. You Will Learn Faster

Even though an English-only environment is more challenging initially, if you persist, you will see that it's the fastest way to fluency. Your teacher will encourage you to express your thoughts in English, so you gradually get acquainted with the language and learn how to use it effectively. This leads to a significant increase in confidence and a decreased fear of making mistakes.

2. Improves Your Listening Skills

Your teacher's role is to prepare you for the real world by teaching you how to cope confidently with challenging situations, like someone talking too fast or mumbling their words. Students who learn in an English-only environment get used to hearing a native accent and will be exposed to different regional accents through videos and listening activities.

3. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

An English-only environment encourages you to find new ways of communicating with the teacher and regularly calls upon the language skills you have already learnt. Practising speaking and writing skills regularly speeds up your journey to fluency and improves the amount of knowledge retained in the long-term memory.

Note: At Octoped Tutor, we understand that for complete beginners, there is a need for some additional support with communicating ideas in a foreign language. We have installed an emergency translation tool in the chat to solve this problem. This allows the students to write to the teacher in their native language when they are stuck. The teacher can then automatically translate the sentence and teach the student the exact language they need.

4. Helps You Socialise & Make New Friends

A classroom where you use only one language to socialise with each other helps you learn the cultural etiquette and prepares you for socialising with English speakers in the real world. A classroom with more than one language usually doesn't have the same impact because students tend to stick to the easier option of speaking in their native tongue when socialising.

5. Increases Motivation to Become Fluent

We naturally desire emotional and social connection, and when placed in an environment where such contact is only available by speaking a foreign language, our motivation to acquire it increases. That's why learning a language in the country where it's spoken is so effective because it offers an opportunity for complete language immersion. Online language lessons with kind, expert native teachers mimic such immersion through meaningful context, extensive English language input and emotional engagement.

6. Builds Resilience

An English-only environment promotes personal growth because you need to step out of your comfort zone to prepare for the real world. Exposing yourself to this in a structured setting promotes resilience and makes you stronger. It will help you speak English fluently and achieve your goals outside of the classroom.

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” - Calvin Coolidge

If you want to try an English-only lesson with an expert tutor, go to Plans & Pricing and sign up for a free demo lesson.

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