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The Challenges of Learning a New Language

Updated: Jan 20

Learning a new language can be difficult and intimidating. Whether you’re trying to learn a language for business or pleasure, there are certain challenges that can make the process more difficult than it needs to be. Here we take a look at some of the biggest hurdles you’ll face when learning a new language and how you can overcome them.

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1. Time Commitment

Learning a new language requires an extensive time commitment in order to really understand the nuances and intricacies of the language itself.

It’s not enough to simply memorize vocabulary words; you need to practice your conversational skills, read literature written in the language, and listen intently when native speakers are talking. This takes time, especially if you are starting from scratch with no knowledge of the language.

2. Cultural Differences

In addition to dedicating the necessary time, mastering a new language also requires understanding its associated culture.

Every language has its own cultural references and nuances that may not translate well outside their native context. This can make learning phrases and vocabulary more difficult than simply memorizing words in isolation. For example, French uses much more formal speech than English does, so if you don’t understand these subtle differences then communicating effectively will be almost impossible!

3. Fear of Failure

Many people find themselves paralyzed by fear when attempting to learn a new language.

They may feel overwhelmed by all they have yet to learn, or anxious about making mistakes when speaking aloud. This fear can prevent people from even attempting to learn the language in the first place! It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes when learning something new, so try not to let fear stand in your way as you begin your journey.

4. Lack of Immersion

It is much easier (and more fun) to learn a new language if you have access to regular immersion opportunities—that is, spending time with locals who are native speakers of the language in question.

Unfortunately many people do not live near areas where they could easily find such opportunities or may lack the resources necessary for these experiences. In this case it becomes even more important for learners to seek out virtual immersion experiences like online English lessons with native speakers or forums devoted to learning specific languages.


Learning a new language can be exciting but also daunting due its challenges – from time commitments and fear of failure, to lack of immersion opportunities – however there are ways one can overcome those challenges in order for them become fluent and successful in their learning journey! With dedication and hard work those obstacles can be conquered allowing anyone from C-level executives, business owners, FinTech employees and sales people alike reach their goal of fluency! With all this said – good luck on your learning journey!

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