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Say Goodbye to Confusion and Uncertainty: Unlock Your Inner English wordsmith with Memory Tactics!

Updated: Jan 5

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At Octoped Tutor, we believe that learning English vocabulary should be an enjoyable experience. We teach a range of tricks and tips to help you quickly expand your vocabulary in a fun and interesting way.

Memory techniques can be especially useful in helping to learn new words faster.

Here’s why: The secret behind memory techniques is repetition and association. Every time you come across a new word, repeat it out loud and link it to an image or other mental mnemonic device.

This helps create strong connections between the word and its meaning in your head like forming neural pathways - the more often you use them, the stronger they become!

Let’s say you wanted to learn the definition of “ambidextrous” – someone who has equal ability to use both hands for manual tasks. To remember this, picture a person juggling two balls – one in each hand – as if they had ambidexterity!

By connecting this image with the word every time you think of it, understanding its meaning becomes much easier.

Creative thinking also plays an important role when memorizing words. Take “truculent” - stubbornly defiant or aggressive - and use it to create a story: A truculent little troll lived under my bridge; despite my best efforts he wouldn't budge!

It turns out that learning vocab quickly can actually be quite fun after all!

Memorizing root words too can prove very useful when trying to understand English language terms more deeply. For instance, by knowing that “logo-” means "word" (from Greek), later seeing suffixes like "-logy" (study) and "-logist" (one who studies) becomes simpler.

Knowing such roots makes navigating through more complex texts easier and allows for quicker absorption of information over time.

For those looking for extra challenge, online tools are available which allow users to test themselves on specific terms from their own personal dictionary database or from wider text sources such as SAT prep materials or textbooks.

This can help develop familiar concepts while gradually building up knowledge in other areas at the same time!

With regular practice devoted towards these methods even just for few minutes each day, progress begins showing soon enough – guaranteed!.

At Octoped Tutor we strive to make learning English vocabulary painless yet productive so what are you waiting for? Try us out today and see how quickly your vocabulary expands beyond all expectations!

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