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10 English Phrases You’re Likely to Hear in London and What They Mean

Are you planning to travel to London and want to experience the city like a local? Knowing a few English phrases is key if you really want to blend in. From asking for directions on the tube, ordering your morning coffee, or learning how to catch up with old friends over dinner, here are 10 useful English phrases - including slang – that will help you get around London like a true resident!

1. Cheers!

Pub culture is a big thing in the UK and cosy little pubs can be found all over the London. Use this phrase when toasting in the pub.

"Cheers to you having an amazing holiday!"

2. Must-do

- It means that it is something you should do or see on your holiday.

"The Natural History Museum is a must-do if you're visiting London!"

3. Bangers and mash

Traditional British dish made with sausage and mashed potatoes. To fancy something is to want it.

"Fancy some bangers and mash?"

4. Fiver

Slang for £5.

"That's a fiver please."

5. Arse over tit

Describes someone who's been clumsy or foolish.

"He wasn't looking where he was going and fell arse over tit."

6. All right?

An informal way of asking how someone is doing and often