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It's more effective and faster than the traditional approach.


Every course is 100% customisable & certified using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as a base.

Did we mention that we have a state-of-the-art virtual school platform?

English for Sales Octoped Tutor
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Fresh Approach

We take "the customer is always right" to a new level.


Most courses are built for the masses and don't consider your goals and motivation.

But we are not all the same.


We believe in celebrating the individual, so we go one step further by tailoring the English course to suit your needs.


Certified & Experienced Teachers

We handpick our tutors and only accept the best. They will provide you with feedback after every lesson, and you will receive a monthly report outlining progress in key areas, like grammar in conversation.

Every time you level up, you get a personalised certificate of completion to show to a future employer.

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Virtual Classroom

We have our own easy-to-use virtual school platform designed to improve the online learning experience. It has interactive drawing tools, video content and specially designed course materials. 

Unlock the power of communication with comprehensive courses in general & business English!


"Excellent result after learning. I would like to thank the teacher for the intelligent style of lessons. Thank you very much for your patience and ability to convince the student of future success. Highly recommend."


It was the first effective way to learn English. The course was tailored to my needs. This is a great educational experience.
"Beautiful teachers, cheerful and friendly, true professionals! The lessons are very interesting I recommend to everyone who is learning English and wants to speak it."

Meet The CEO

"Are you ready to advance your English language skills? We are here to empower and guide you in mastering one of the world's most useful languages.


Hi, my name is Sophie, I have over 10 years of teaching experience and I am the CEO of Octoped Tutor. I can confidently say that we have found the best tutors around! 

Starting from a single question - what is your why? – our team will get to know you on an individual level so we may tailor courses specifically designed for your needs. We understand everyone learns differently which is why all learning styles and levels are catered ​for; whether it be beginner or advanced learners striving towards their goal of becoming fluent English speakers.

Join an English course with Octoped Tutor, and there will be no stopping you when it comes to speaking with clarity and confidence!"


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