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We provide intelligent English learners with a global learning space to immerse themselves in the language and gain fluency.

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About Us

Octoped Tutor makes speaking and understanding English easier by simplifying otherwise complicated topics. We encourage learners to draw meaningful connections between different ideas, then we get them ready to apply their new language skills in real life scenarios. 

Meet the Founders

Octoped Tutor stands apart thanks to the dynamic duo, Sophie and William. Armed with a shared passion for education and success, they are devoted to providing top-notch tutoring services that lead people towards achieving their goals.

What We Stand For



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We want to transform the way people learn languages. 


"Octo" means eight in Greek, and the name Octoped represents our plan to build an eight-armed EdTech Ecosystem. 


These OctoFeatures will utilize the latest technology (including VR and AI), catering to more learning styles by creating a truly immersive and fun experience. 

The Name

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