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Early Years Explorer 

Strengthen your student-focused approach with our holistic AI-powered app, crafted specifically for preschools.

A photoshoot of one stylish family using the preschool software the Early Years Explorer in a modern pastel coloured preschool. Created using MidJourney by @Sophie_Octoped.jpg
A stylish photoshoot of a four year old girl in a sustainable preschool in Singapore. Her teacher has used Octoped Tutor's Early Years Explorer software to create a personalised learning plan.

Personalised Lesson Planning

Harness AI to craft individualised learning paths, enhancing each child's educational journey.

A confident teacher in a sustainable classroom powered by Octoped Tutor's Early Years Explorer. The software helps teachers save hours of time. The teacher is from Singapore and there are many plants in the background. This image was generated using MidJourney by @sophie_octoped.

Efficient Administration Tools

Automate and streamline administrative tasks, allowing educators to focus on what truly matters: teaching.

If Octoped Tutor had a preschool, it would look like this. We imagined a futuristic communal learning space in Singapore. The theme is sustainabilty and there is lots of light, white and wood. There is curved seating for storytime using the Early Years Explorer's teaching resources. This image was generated using MidJourney by @sophie_octoped.

Building a Collaborative Community

Foster stronger connections between educators, parents, and students, creating a cohesive learning environment.

If Octoped Tutor had a futuristic sustainable city kindergarten then it would look like this picture. The building features curves and the natural theme of sustainability is displayed with the community garden at the center. This image was generated using MidJourney by @sophie_octoped.

Innovative AI Solutions for Preschools

Optimise preschool workflows with AI, providing insightful data alongside easy-to-use communication portals.

This is a photoshoot of two 4 year old children who are engaged in a pretend play activity. The boy is dressed as a police man. This image represents the importance of security at Octoped Tutor. The Early Years Explorer has been designed to be as secure as possible.

Robust Data Protection

Commit to the highest standards of data protection with advanced security mechanisms, assuring peace of mind.

Two iPads showcasing the innovative Early Years Explorer preschool software in action.
A smartphone showcasing Octoped Tutor's Early Years Explorer preschool software in action.

Streamlining preschool tasks with a single application.

The Early Years Explorer integrates smoothly with the school's existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to current operations.

How It Works

Innovate. Educate. Grow.

This is an imagined stylish preschool classroom with curved shapes, wooden accents and a lot of white. We imagine this is the type of classroom we will see in the future. The plants represent our eco-friendly and sustainable philosophy. This photo was created using MidJourney by @sophie_octoped.

Your Brand, Our Technology

This white-label solution ensures the software feels uniquely yours. Enhance your school's digital presence with a platform that mirrors your brand. It's like having your own tech team.

Satisfy Your Stakeholders

Teachers are happier with reduced administrative burdens, parents are more involved and satisfied with their child's progress, and children enjoy a more enriching educational experience.

Future Proof Your School

By adopting cutting-edge technology with continous updates, you can ensure the institution remains relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Solutions for Modern Preschool Challenges

Face the demands of today's preschool environment confidently with the help of Octoped's Early Years Explorer.

Imagine a preschool teacher holding tulips and smiling. She is confident because she has b
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A photoshoot of two happy children who are holding pink tulips. The photo represents the t

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